• Kush is: Feel-good, grooving instrumental and electronic nu jazz, downtempo and soulful house music for the mind, body and soul!

    The musical journey that is Kush began in the heart and mind of band leader, Etric Lyons in 2002.

    After touring around the globe as an accomplished bassist with many acclaimed Canadian artists
    in a career spanning almost 30 years, Lyons felt ready to combine all of his formidable musical talents and experiences into a unique live and recorded concept that came to be known as Kush.

    Lyons wanted to inspire on-the-spot composition with other like-minded musicians in a spontaneous way that feeds off of the energy of live audiences and keeps the music constantly fresh.

    Phonetically speaking, the name Kush “fits” the style of music perfectly—which has been known to put its listeners into a decidedly “Kush-y” state of mind. Kush causes fans to say things like: “I’ve got a Kush Krush! When/where are you guys playing next?”, “Fantastic driving music! Except that I was so into the Kush consciousness that I missed my turn-off!!”, “We were in Mexico on a holiday – hot, tired and hungry—when Kush came on over the PA system on the ferry and it instantly put usin a really GOOD MOOD! I HAD to track down your music!”, “I feel like I’m at a sophisticated raveparty for grown-ups!”.

    Whether you come on a Kush journey that is recorded or live, be prepared to hear timeless cinematic groovescapes that incorporate heartfelt, jazz-influenced performances with organically sculpted electronica! Kush is music created in the moment—and the moment is NOW!