• As Toronto’s agents and instigators of the local live jam, fusion & electronica scene, The Chameleon Project (CP) have been the city’s host to, and shared the stage with, such acts as The New Deal, Lotus, Charlie Hunter, EOTO, Dub Trio, Garage Mahal, Biodiesel and Bassnectar. CP has 2 full length album releases, 1 EP and a special DJ vinyl remix pressing to it’s credit and has appeared at premier North American festivals such as Camp Bisco (Mariaville, NY), Freedom Festival (Toronto, ON), Evolve (Antonish, NB), and the NuJazz Festival (Toronto, ON) to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands.

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    Like the chromatophoric creature that gives the band its name, Chameleon Project (CP) effortlessly changes colours and taking dub, jazz, disco, funk and psychedelia, to outer space and back, creating a completely original musical experience — rich with heavy bass, daring improvisations and mind-bending tonal colours. Torchbearers of Toronto’s thriving livetronica scene built by groups such as The New Deal,  CP  takes it to the next level with their third full-length record Funk ‘n’ Space. Available exclusively on Spotify.

    Based in Toronto and led by fearlessly creative guitarist Josh Laing and bassist/producer Snappy Homefry, Chameleon Project has steadily built a following in its home city, across Canada and beyond for over a decade. Known and appreciated as instigators of the local live jam, fusion and electronica scenes, CP has hosted and shared the stage with heavyweights within its ecosystem such as: The New Deal, Lotus, Bassnectar, Charlie Hunter, Keller Williams, EOTO, Dub Trio, DJ Shadow, Garaj Mahal and Biodiesel. Their festival and touring resume includes Camp Bisco (Mariaville, NY), Evolve (Antigonish, NS), Freedom Festival, Illumination Festival and the NuJazz Festival (Toronto), along with hundreds of club dates in Canada and the eastern United States; performing for for audiences numbering in the thousands. Extensive touring of the northeast U.S. and eastern Canada  is planned throughout 2015 and into 2016.

    “Funk ‘n’ Space is the most sonically advanced album Chameleon Project has ever produced,” says Laing. We’re proud of how our songwriting and sound have evolved, and people who have heard the new record in progress comment on how much impact the new music has and how they’ve never heard anything like it. Creatively, we focused on supernatural themes and narratives with songs like Bigfoot and the Kraken, along with psychedelic experiences and journeys into the centre of the mind, with the goal of blurring the line between live instrumentation and audio technology. We think it’s a real vision of the future that truly brings our brand of funk into new sonic space.”

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